5 Big Failures of Modi

In his four-year rule as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has done more mistakes than his achievements. And it can be understood with the sharp decline in his image. Latest surveys too indicate Modi’s losing popularity which is worrying BJP’s cadre.

1. Losing Key Allies

Instead of becoming an inclusive Prime Minister, Modi emerged as an ‘exclusive’ PM by focusing more on conquering power in states. Won with full majority, Modi-led BJP has gradually distanced from all its key allies and subsequently lost trusted friends. Most of his friends four years ago have turned into foes. This may have huge affect for Modi in 2019 general polls.

2. Failing To Keep Promises

Be it jobs or bringing back black money stashed abroad or bifurcation promises to AP (including Special Category Status), Modi miserably failed to keep his poll promises. Most of his promises left unfulfilled leaving people and Opposition in anger and despair.

The Opposition, particularly Rahul Gandhi, has been attacking the Modi while asking him whether his government has deposited Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of people.

3. Focus on Politics, Not on Development

It is clearly evident that Modi government is looking at issues in only poll-bound states. Leaving the development aside, the focus is completely on politics. It is widely alleged that Modi is the most political PM in India’s history ever that he has taken a total political stand leaving governance to the last. His foreign tours and one-man show have also tarnished his image.

4. Price Rise, Tax Burden & Bank Scams

Steep rise in prices, huge tax burden with the implementation of GST, the unravel of bank scams involving big monies left the country’s middle-class and Urban section in shock who had voted unanimously in 2014. Especially, the tax burden on employees may become a death knell to Modi-Shah combine who is dreaming of clinching power in 2019.

Hike in petrol prices, heavy duty by both Central and State Governments on fuel in turn raised the prices of daily commodities such as vegetables, fruits and other basic necessities. While on one hand, the prices of essential commodities shot up and on other hand, increase in unemployment and lack of economic growth pushed many sections of people into neck-deep financial woes. Agriculture and farming is another major sector that has been ignored by Narendra Modi. The Agrarian community across the nation is said to be very unhappy with Union Government. It is expected that they could give a strong shock to Modi.

5. Unable To Control Crimes on Women

Last but not the least, Modi government failed to minimizing the crimes on women. Little did he tried to take stern measures against culprits on women and children. Though new laws have been passed, the execution of laws is still far from reality.