Angry Fan Throws Shoe on Tamanna!

In a shocking and barbaric incident, a disturbed ‘fan’ of actress Tamanna has thrown a shoe at her on Sunday (Jan 28, 2018) afternoon (at around 12 PM) while she attended to open a popular jewelry store.

Going into details, the miscreant has been identified as Khareemulla from Musheerabad. Apparently, Khareemulla had thrown his boot on Tamanna while she was taking selfie with a few of her fans. However, fortunately, the shoe didn’t touch Tamanna and it hit a sales person of the jewelry store.

With this sudden shock, the security personnel, bouncers and shop management got alerted and shouted at the crowd. But they couldn’t identity who had done it. The bouncers, security people have searched for the person who doesn’t have a shoe and found the culprit. Narayanaguda cops have taken him into custody and interrogated him.

Much to the shock of police, the accused claimed that he is a die-hard fan of Tamanna. He told to police that he watch all movies of her regularly. But he said that he is angry with her that she is not acting in more Telugu films of late. His reason has further shocked the police. He is still said to be in the police custody.