BJP plotting against Karnataka govt

After Bihar, BJP is planning to be part of a government in Karnataka and is heard to be drawing strategies to bag power. The latest statements by union minister Prakash Javadekar are creating a storm among the political circles.

Prakash reportedly said the differences between the Congress and JD(U) are growing and anytime the government could fall. Remarkably another minister Sadananda Gowda is also making similar statements.

If dig deep into BJP’s plans, this saffron party is likely to face upsetting results in the five states, this would eventually influence the 2019 general elections. So BJP wants to make sure there would be a balance if it grabs the power in Karnataka and can win maximum Parliament seats in the state which would help in forming the government in the national capital.

In the north, BJP is not expecting sweeping results like 2014 and so is focussing on South. As per political experts, BJP wants to form the government in Karnataka before the general elections next year.