Broke A Year Ago, Now Land In Amaravati

Pawan Kalyan has done the Bhoomi Puja for his new house in a 2-acre piece of land at Kaja near Amaravati. There’s nothing remarkable about it unless you consider that it is one of the costliest areas in the State.Even that is no big deal considering he is the highest paid actor in Tollywood. In fact, a post on social media by Pawan Kalyan’s team, recently boasted that the actor had earned Rs 75 crore over a period of six years and paid Rs 25 crore as income tax thereby seeking to establish him as a transparent person. Which brings us to the question:

For a man who a year ago recently said that he had no money to pay for his office staff’s expenses and who was mired in debts, how did this change in fortunes happen? The 2-acre land at current market evaluation costs approximately Rs 16 crore.The real-estate in the area has fallen drastically in recent times and Pawan purchasing land there might actually push the momentum. This is a definite possibility.

At the end of the day, just like Amaravati was a real-estate venture in the name of the new capital, Pawan’s house in the region might be another exercise to boost the sagging market there and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the TDP had gifted the land free of cost to the Janasena founder.