Don’t Need Jagan Acknowledgment, Says Pawan

Don't Need Jagan Acknowledgment, Says Pawan

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has started considering himself a big force to reckon with the Andhra Pradesh politics and throwing barbs at his opponents.

On Thursday, Pawan took strong exception to YSR Congress party leader and Rajya Sabha MP V Vijay Sai Reddy’s comments that Jagan and his party would not acknowledge Jana Sena as a rival political party and Pawan Kalyan as a leader.

“I don’t care whether Jagan acknowledges Jana Sena or me. I don’t even need Jagan’s acknowledgement as a leader. People have recognized me as a leader. Just with one call of mine, lakhs of people took part in Jana Sena kavaathu at Dowleshwaram. That is more than enough to prove my popularity,” Pawan said.

He criticized that the YSRC president and his party MLAs had stopped bothering about the people’s problems.

“They never go to the assembly and raise the people’s issues there. They can’t pull up the government for its inefficiency,” the Jana Sena chief said.

Pawan said he had been getting requests from almost all the districts that he should contest from their respective places.

“I will take a decision as to where I should contest from in January or February,” he clarified.