Ego Issues Worrying Pawan Kalyan!

Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan usually makes critical comments against political leaders. Now, it appears that he is expressing anger at his own partymen too. He did not hesitate to warn his fans and Jana Sena supporters. “Just by getting flexis and banners erected, one can’t become a leader. A leader should work without giving room to egos and personal feelings,” Pawan Kalyan said.

During his visit to the ‘Rottela Panduga’ in Nellore district, Pawan met with Jana Sena leaders in a hotel. During the meeting, a party activist expressed her anger and said that the local leaders are not giving due importance to party activists in the town. She alleged that there is no recognition in the party even though she worked hard for the cause of Jana Sena.

Immediately, Pawan Kalyan lost his cool and slammed the leaders. He asked the local leaders to put aside their ego and welcome everyone into the party. He urged the leaders not to divide anyone with their egoistic attitude. However, the remarks have caught the leaders off-guard. Some of them felt that Pawan Kalyan should have expressed his opinions in a subtle way rather expressing anger in an outright manner.

On the other hand, Pawan seems to be deeply worried about the impending ego issues that will internally damage Janasena just when he is keen on strengthening the party from the grassroot level in view of the upcoming general elections. Pawan must have been wary about how the opposition parties had to face setbacks due to the ego issues of several leaders.