Gayatri Trailer: Its Mohan Babu vs Mohan Babu

Despite showing so much, the 2.5 minute theatrical trailer of Mohan Babu’s “Gayatri” still manages to keep the main story under wraps, it could be editor’s brilliance or the randomness.

The trailer introduces the two characters that Mohan Babu essays in the film, Gayatri and Sivaji. The first one is the negative character, and the latter plays the good samaritan, who even bashes scores of goons with his bare hands. It seems they are indulged in a sort of war in the film. Vishnu, Anasuya and Shriya also make their presence felt in the trailer.

The major takeaways of the trailer are the powerful and impactful dialogues, Mohan Babu’s impeccable dialogue delivery and the thumping background score given by Thaman. Mohan Babu is making his comeback to silver screen with ‘Gayatri’, after more than two years. He has also produced the movie.

The film is scheduled to hit screens on Feb 9.