Give This Director Some Good Luck

Becoming a star director in the industry is not that easy. Sometimes, despite having the talent and dedication some directors fail to establish their career and can’t bag good offers from the producers. On the other hand, the directors who are not even eligible to be one might end up carving back to back films.

One such talented director who still remained in the background is none other than Sagar Chandra. He marked his directorial debut with Ayyare movie starring Rajendra Prasad. The movie is critically acclaimed as a thought-provoking film. Later, he directed Appatlo Okadundevadu starring Nara Rohit and Sri Vishnu. It got lauded for its gripping story set in the 90s backdrop. However, it took nearly four long years for director Sagar to get this offer after Ayyare.

Recently, he succeeded in convincing hero Ram to star in his upcoming movie with a sensible script. 14 Reels Entertainments banner was supposed to bankroll this project. When everything was going well, Ram suddenly opted out from the project due to reasons unknown. Now the entire team is back to square one as Sagar should start hero hunting again.

One wonders why this young director is struggling that way to get a hero and a film to take off. Let’s hope he will get some good luck.