Huge Bettings On Telangana Elections

Just there is a day to go for Telangana to vote for their favorite political party. As the mega polling day (December 7th) is around, there are betting gangs that are cashing heavily on the whole election process.

Reports are coming that betting is in a huge swing in some constituencies like Kukatpally and Serlingampalli where there is a considerably huge population of Andhra based settlers. Many are betting on whether Nandamuri Suhasini and Bhavya Anand Prasad will win or not in these areas.

At the same time in some constituency where the victory of candidates is quite sure, people are betting on the majority these politicians will get. Like, with how much majority Revanth Reddy will win in Kodangal, how many votes will be excesses in the kitty bank of Harish Rao in Siddipet, are some of the examples.

And the bets are being placed anywhere between few thousands to lacs in some constituencies. All these betting rajas are now waiting for exit-polls that will come tomorrow evening to see if their bet will stand victorious or not!!