If Chiru Got 18, What About Pawan?

When Chiranjeevi had forayed into politics, he was at the peak of his career. Chiru was the undisputed No. 1 King in Tollywood then. Whereas today, Pawan Kalyan has several contraries to his elder brother Chiru.

Pawan is battling with a series of flops. Be it Sardaar Gabbar Singh or Katamarayudu or his recent and landmark 25th film Agnyaathavaasi, Pawan has back-to-back duds to his credit. His stardom was no more like before.

While Chiru is a cool, composed politician who thinks a lot before uttering a word, Pawan is total reverse who is quite aggressive, uses strong language and above all, he thinks after he speaks. Pawan’s many statements and his subsequent retractions say that all. In fact, this is the reason why Pawan is also facing several defamation suits.

On the other hand, when Chiru started Praja Rajyam Party he has several experienced politicians and his party has a strong ideology with Social Justice as major theme. But today, Pawan’s Janasena lacks all these. Except his loud-mouthed speeches and allegations against rivals who often change with season and time – once it was Congress, later replaced by YSRCP, followed by BJP, and now it is TDP.

Also, when Chiru says something or takes a decision, he sticks to it. Whereas Pawan’s track record of changing words and stances on various issues have declined his image over the period.

While Chiru failed to become CM with bagging only 18 seats, he had later merged Praja Rajyam Party into Congress and became a Rajya Sabha MP and Union Minister. But what had tarnished his political image was his silence when the state was bifurcated unilaterally by his party. Eventually, it had drastically affected his image and forced him to return to films.

Meanwhile, reliable reports from ground zero indicate that Pawan may end up winning only handful of seats, in fact the figure could be much lesser than Chiru’s figure.