How Many Takers For Paruchuri’s Comments??

Paruchuri Gopala Krishna is one of the most acclaimed writers in Tollywood and has penned down some chartbuster movies along with his brother Venkateswara Rao in his long film career. From some time, he is actually analysing stories of super hits and how the screenplay is designed and all.

At an event other day, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna remarked that Tollywood has a story crisis. He claimed that good stories are not coming up these days. “Telugu Film Industry is one of the highest grossing film industry in our country but is now in need of some innovative stories. I got saddened that no creative and unique stories are coming out lately. Young writers should come up with concept-based stories” he said.

Recently, TCWA (Telugu Cine Writers Association) launched a three-day workshop on script writing and screenplay. Taking part in the event with acclaimed scriptwriters like Vijayendra Prasad, these comments are made by Paruchuri. His comments are once again reminding us of how Tollywood is churning out only those routing run of the mill films with some new spice. Even happening heroes are also coming up with similar mass projects. So who is going to take Paruchuri’s comments seriously?

“In an industry where many want to make 20 crores profit with 5-10 crores investments, only mass films are the way. If they do concept-oriented films only once in a decade films like Pellichoopulu and Arjun Reddy click. Who would want to dump crores to get some meagre profits?” a small-time producer whose film is getting ready for Summer release commented.

So, we have to see how Paruchuri’s words will be taken seriously and concept films replace commercial movies.