Nani Calls A Flop A Flop

Nani might be riding high on the wave of success. But he is one who can call a flop a flop. He is no hypocrite. He says if he does not get films, he will move on to doing something else. If he loses his car, then he says he will buy a bike.

He is also clear about the concept of losing stardom. Now, he is openly calling his film a flop.

His recent release was Krishnarjunayuddham. The film has a class and mass character. Though the film opened with decent expectations, the film failed at the box-office cutting short his success run.


Super hit anta .. avvaledhu babai .. aadaledhu kuda .. ayina manasu petti chesam .. chuseyandi ? …

6:28 PM – May 25, 2018
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The film is already on Amazon Prime and Yupp TV with slogans like ‘Nani’s superhit movie’. But Nani is candid and says that the film did not do well at the box-office. But he requests his fans to view it once as he did the film with all his heart.