Pic : Pawan Visits Paritala’s House

After clarifying on ‘Gundu’ episode by both Pawan and Paritala Sunitha, Pawan Kalyan for the first time has visited the house of former minister and slain TDP leader Paritala Ravindra on Sunday. Upon invitation from Minister Paritala Sunitha and her son Paritala Sreeram, Pawan, who is in Chalo Re Chalo Re Chal Yatra in Anantapur, visited them and spent quality time at their residence. Paritala Sreeram personally received Pawan Kalyan outside his house and taken Pawan inside his house. Pawan was served breakfast and the Janasena chief took the Paritala’s hospitality. Pawan apparently discussed on various issues, problems related to Anantpaur and Rayalaseema region.

After the meet, Pawan spoke to media and reiterated that he had no connection with Paritala Ravindra and had never met him personally. Pawan told, “If people wish for Janasena and TDP’s alliance, we’ll hopefully take a decision on it.”

Pawan, however, told that it is not good to develop only one region. He has asked the government for uniform development. He stated that he would make sure High Court would be allotted to Rayalaseema region. Pawan cautioned that if Rayalaseema won’t be developed, there is a chance for regional barriers and separatism. Pawan also stated that he has not yet decided on from where he would contest in 2019 elections.

Earlier, Pawan met Anantapur TDP MLA Prabhakar Chowdary and discussed on the various issues related to the development of Anantapur.

Meanwhile, Pawan’s arrival has brought cheers, delight from the fans, followers of Paritala.