Pics: Unlimited Teasing From Deepika Padukone

Breaking the jinx that married actresses from India can’t break the internet with their stupendous hotness, right now Deepika Padukone is rewriting the existing formulae and theorems with her ravishing looks.

Featuring in a photo shoot for GQ India, the sexy siren has slipped into a single piece bikini now, leaving everyone speechless. As she sat on the desert sand, throwing upright looks to the viewers, her white bikini accentuated that slopes of her back to the core. No doubt, this is the best ever oomph she has oozed ever.

On the other side, Deepika stunned everyone by featuring on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list at 4th position with 112+ crores of net income for 2018. And the way she sizzled like a fire in Padmaavat movie early this year was another stunner.

So we have to say 2018 belongs to Deepika, isn’t it?