Talk Of Tollywood: Vijay Devarakonda’s Entry

One of the biggest draw when it comes to 2018 Celebrity 100 Forbes India list is none other than Vijay Devarakonda. In case if you are wondering why this entry is going to be mighty, then you have to read this.

Standing alongside Ram Charan when it comes to his income from 2018, Vijay Devarakonda stood at 72nd position in the Top 100 list with 14 crores income. And that is what should be debated now. Because Vijay here stays in the list for at least the next 4-5 years, say observers.

Already the young hero has signed almost four more movies, and he is said to be taking home at least 10 crores remuneration for each movie. In that case, his name will be featured at a better rank in Forbes 2019 list as well. And in case if he manages to bring more 50+ crore share-getting films, then his rank might go into the Top 50 too.

That said, at a time when Vijay is present in the Forbes list, where is the other happening hero Nani?