Viral: Man Brutally Thrashes Son, Mother Shoots Video!

In a heart-wrenching video that has gone viral on social media, a man is seen thrashing his 10-year-old son brutally and seemingly heartlessly, as he pleas for forgiveness. Much to the agony of the child, the video was shot by a his mother, who seemed to have supported her husband in the cruel act.

The incident happened about two months ago, but has surfaced just recently after the woman gave her phone at a mobile repair shop for some repair work, and asked for the serviceman to preserve the data. The shopkeeper, who was appalled at seeing the horrific video, immediately informed an NGO and the police. The father, in his thirties, has been arrested under the Juvenile Justice Act.

In the video, the father is seen beating the boy mercilessly for ‘lying’. “No child can lie like you,” the mother, who recorded the video on her phone, can be heard saying. Cowering in fear, the boy pleads to his father for forgiveness with his hand stretched out and tears rolling down, but the father continues to smack him, throw him to the ground and kick him repeatedly. The 2-minute video gets unbearable to watch as it progresses.

The brutal thrashing of their son was recorded by the mother on the father’s insistence. As per reports, he wanted the video to be shown to the little boy so that he doesn’t lie again.