WhatsApp Chats Boomerang On KTR

The ruling TRS seems to have fallen into its own trap regarding the Lagadapati Rajagopal survey fiasco.

Soon after Lagadapati disclosed his survey results predicting that the Congress-led Mahakutami has an edge over TRS in Assembly polls on Wednesday night, KTR sprang into action on a war- footing and exposed the ‘WhatsApp’ chat between him and Rajagopal done in November in which Rajagopal had predicted victory for TRS.

While the purpose of KTR in making the WhatsApp chat public was to expose the ‘fake survey’ of Rajagopal, it backfired as Rajagopal too exposed KTR, the very next day on Thursday, disclosing the WhatsApp chat between him and KTR done from September, soon after dissolution of Telangana Assembly.

This issue has now turned out to be a ‘political weapon’ for the Congress ahead of the crucial polling on December 7.

The Congress is accusing KTR of maintaining ‘close links’ with anti-Telangana protagonists like Rajagopal in response to KTR accusing Telangana Congress of joining hands with “Andhra party” Telugu Desam.

The WhatsApp chat made public by Rajagopal between him and KTR clearly showed how KTR has been seeking the help of Rajagopal to take up surveys to find out the TRS prospects in the elections.

KTR requested Rajagopal to take up surveys in specific constituencies selected by KTR, which was done and reports were submitted to KTR for rectifying the defects in TRS, identified in the survey.

Political analysts wonder as to how KTR underestimated Rajagopal and how KTR missed a simple logic that Rajagopal will also make his chat public, which will only damage him and TRS in the elections while Rajagopal has nothing to lose as he is no more into active politics.